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Gettysburg July 21st – 23rd, 2006

Do You Believe in Ghosts?

Of all the forlorn, countless souls awash in time, none reach out to us more than those of the dead at Gettysburg. They were young men, mostly, with hopes for a bright future and moved by sincere patriotic dreams, caught up and cruelly thrown down again, in the great, hot whirl of mortal combat.

Their presence on earth was silenced forever by death. Or maybe not . . . 

The Maryland Paranormal Investigators Coalition (MPIC) would like to invite you to an extraordinary event. The last two years MPIC hosted the first major paranormal conferences in Maryland. This year, the group brings you the first major ghost conference to take place in, arguably, the most haunted location in the United States: Gettysburg!

To be held in Gettysburg’s Battlefield Holiday Inn in the historic town of Gettysburg, PA. 

See the grandeur of possibly the most significant battle of United States of America’s Civil War first hand. When not partaking in conference events perhaps you will visit the battlefields themselves and conduct your own investigation.

Co-hosted by Mark Nesbitt of Ghost of Gettysburg fame, speakers will include:

– Troy Taylor – Author of the must-have Ghost Hunters Guidebook and over 30 other books! 
– George Hansen – Author of the Trickster and Paranormal and one of the few real parapsychologists in the country. 
– Ursula Bielski – Chicago author of books on hauntings and ghost enthusiast. 
– John Zaffis – Collector of possessed possessions and haunted objects.
– Rosemary Ellen Guiley – Author of the Ghosts and Spirits encyclopedia and over 30 other books on the paranormal and supernatural.
– Katherine Ramsland – A professional in forensic studies. 
– Vince Wilson – President and founder of the Maryland Paranormal Investigators Coalition and author of Ghost Tech.

Also at the conference will be other well-known authors and paranormal pros from around the country. There will be Digital Thermometers, EMF Detectors, and more on sale at the conference courtesy of LessEMF. 

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