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Witness: Cameron
Location: Castleford, West Yorkshire, England
Date of Encounter: 1976

Going back some thirty years now, I can still remember my encounter with what can only be described as a ghost, but an usual one at that. When I was three I lived with my parents in a simple two-up two-down mid-terrace house.

One day after going to the bathroom I went into my parents' room to bounce on there bed — they had a very springy bed. While playing in their room, what I can only describe as a woman that looked exactly like a shop dummy, came at me out of the wardrobe. She was bald, had blue eye shadow on with red lipstick and a red dress with yellow flowers on it. The thing looked at me and made an awful gasping sound. I remember screaming and running for my mother. She took me back to the room and I started to panic telling her not to go near the wardrobe or the thing would get her — obviously it didn't. Then a few weeks later I was in bed when I suddenly found myself laying on the floor looking at the thing I saw in my parents' room standing at the opposite side of the bed which was pushed against the wall while it stared back at me. As a result of the fall, a trip to the hospital was needed to see the extent of the damage done to my leg, though I don't recall any real damage being done. Even now typing the story, the hairs on my neck stand on end as I recall what happened.

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