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Witness: Luke Barton
Location: Sylvania, Ohio
Date of Encounter: March 4, 2006

One night some friends and I were driving around, and we decided to check out an old bridge that was supposedly haunted. The story behind it is that a girl hung herself from the old one lane bridge in the country. My best friend, Tommy is into ghosts and believes heavily in them, and I decided to call him out. I was telling him that he was a coward and nothing would happen if we went there. As we turned down the foggy, beat-up one lane road, I ridiculed him about the whole situation. As we came to the bridge a black cat scurried across and in the my headlight the green eyes of the cat glanced at us eerily. As we crossed the bridge my friend told me that this was a bad sign. I again replied with sarcasm, and told him that must of been the ghost. We passed over the one lane bridge so that we could turn around down the road and come back over the bridge facing the main road. My friend Tommy then convinced me to leave. We drove around a bit more and I convinced him to go back with me. We went back and like the first time, we crossed the bridge, turned around, and drove back toward the bridge. We then came to the bridge once again and I decided to stop my vehicle on the bridge. I went to put the car into park and glanced into my rear-view mirror. When I did this my jaw dropped. A fog-like figure shaped like a basketball head with a human body walked behind my car, turned toward me, and looked at me with the same green cat like eyes. It looked upset and I have believed in ghosts since. The anger in the cat eyes shot fear down every limb in my body. I then hit the gas and flew out of there. Now I am a 3.0 plus student at the University of Findlay in Findlay, Ohio. I am a baseball player at the University, and I am about 6'2" and 200 plus pounds. I am not scared easily and I get chills whenever I think of this. I can't even tell the story to friends without coming to tear, and the image is ingrained in my mind. I feel like I have upset something, and I now believe in demons and ghosts and would like to learn more. This place is called Gibbs bridge. It is on Gibb Street, of Sylvania-Metamora road in Sylvania, Ohio. Thanks for your time. 

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