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Rescue Mediums is a new reality-based half-hour television show that will be aired in Canada beginning in February 2006. The pilot episode will air this Hallowe’en night! (October 31, 2005). The show follows two renowned British psychics as they investigate and identify (or clear) homes of ghosts and other spirits that may be haunting the house.

The camera crew is very small and unobtrusive. The actual recording of the identifying and/or clearing will only take two to three days maximum.

At this point, the producers can only take information and submissions from Canadian households. But, in season two, the producers hope to be expanding the project into the USA.

If you have a ghost (or ghosts), friendly or unfriendly, that you would like to identify and stay in tune with, or ask to leave, please contact:

Michael Lamport
Rescue Mediums,
296 Withrow Avenue,
Toronto, Ontario
M4j 1b7

Tel: 416.629.5680

Email Michael with a brief outline of the situation and contact information and he will get back to you as soon as possible. At this time, only hauntings in Canada are being considered.

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