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Lee Prosser - Bide One's Time is Lee's bi-weekly column on the supernatural.As an American, it saddens me that a popular televangelist such as the Rev. Pat Robertson can openly advocate with sincerity the assassination of a foreign country’s elected President. That such remarks are made to the hardcore members of the Christian Coalition, and embraced by them, is indeed a tragic mistake. 

Robertson represents all those who oppose the innate right of free will by saying this is the way it will be done, in God’s most holy name. He is the man who equates feminism with modern day Witchcraft. He is the man who openly prays for the death of his enemies in God’s most holy name. He is the man who attacks those who have encountered paranormal situations, had encounters with the beyond, and seen spirits or ghosts of the departed as crackpots and thrill seekers. The list of his personal condemnations is long!

That this man can say such things and be embraced for saying it merely reveals that the USA is moving closer to the proverbial Burning Times that murdered the Witches and the rebels, and becoming more superstitious. Of all the once enlightened countries on Earth, the United States of America is finally on the road to full suppression and rule by superstition.

It is a tragedy that Robertson has such a charismatic hold on much of the American Christian movements. That Christianity and Islam are mutual enemies is another of his perspectives over a period of time, and he has stated such in one form or another before the George Bush Era of terrorism. 

It is people like Robertson who would embrace the Neo-Nazi viewpoint if it were politically correct. Maybe his outburst signals that viewpoint is becoming more pleasing to many Americans. Sad but true!

For a professed Christian to say what he did about assassinations calls into question the whole Christian movement in the United States. The founding fathers of the USA were not Christians, but Deists. If you have questions on that, look up their writings and what they said. Look up the definition yourself of the word, deism. The USA was a Deist nation, not Christian.

We are in for very hard times if such nonsense as Robertson expounds is the coming law of the land. Robertson should be denounced for his remarks, but he is probably too dense to understand why he should be denounced. Maybe he has spent too long in his personal horse barns and the horse shit got to his brain. Maybe that can explain his delusions of religious grandeur! No public figure of his influence should be allowed to get away with what he did.

Heaven help us all if the Rev. Pat Robertson gets away with his latest hate message.

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