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Witness: Curt
Location: Niles, Ohio
Date of Encounter: January 2001

Before I go into detail about the actual ghost encounter itself, let me explain a bit about what was going on that evening. My friend Craig and I had just received these new videogame cartridges for our hand-held Gameboy systems over Christmas. We were both really excited about it given that we were obsessed with the popular Pokemon game franchise at the time. Anyways, here is the story. My parents had decided to allow Craig to stay the night over at our house. Craig and I decided to go into my room and play our new videogames as soon as he had arrived to my house. I was sitting on my wooden chair in the middle of the room and Craig was sitting on the side of my bed near the window. I remember being deeply involved in the videogame that I was playing at the moment, seemingly blocking out the rest of the world's existence. Suddenly, we heard somebody, or something, outside of the window where Craig was sitting near. It was the voice of what sounded like a young girl from outside saying, "Curtis is in trouble," echoing its own words a couple of times. The experience made my entire body freeze up the very moment I heard the chilling voice. Craig said, "Did you hear that?" Barely able to collect my thoughts, I finally said, "Yeah!" We both ran out of the room and decided to sleep in the living room for the remainder of the night. I have had many supernatural experiences, but as far as the scariest, this was one of them.

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