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Witness: Tabitha
Location: Cannonball, North Dakota
Date of Encounter: July 2005

One night in July, around 10 PM, I was in my room with my other two sisters. There was supposed to be a very high wind storm that night that we were waiting for. We heard the wind pick up, turned off the bedroom light, and sat by the window just to listen. It was very loud and scary. We live in the country so there wasn't much to do. That's why we chose to listen to the wind. Anyway, as the night went on I wanted to record the wind just to see what it would sound like on my cell phone.

We sat by the window. The screen had a hole in it so I stuck my hand out to record. My cell phone records for approximately 20 seconds. When I finished my sisters and I listened to it. We could hear someone talking but it was like a whispering through the wind. We kept listening to it over and over to make out what it saying. We couldn't figure it out so we called our mother in to listen. She also had no idea what was being said and was totally spooked. So the next day our oldest sister came over. We told her about it and took her into our bedroom to listen. She also listened over and over until… she figured it out! After what she had said it sounded like, we listened, and knew that's what was being said.

In a sort of whispering voice, it said, "Jerome, she's recording us." And the person that said it sounded young; around our sister Mary's age (the one that figured out what was being said). At this time Mary was 20 so we figured that the guy that was saying this was our cousin Brad who had committed suicide in 2001. He and Mary were the same age. The other guy that Brad was talking to we figured was my grandpa's dad. His name was Jerome.

I have been trying to save the recording on my cell phone but due to this encounter we have been hearing things in our house. My mother said that it would be best to delete the recording and maybe the ghosts and noises will go away.

No use… the noises are still here.

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