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Lee Prosser - Bide One's Time is Lee's bi-weekly column on the supernatural. I pass on this on to you since it involves ghosts. You may see yourself personally in this story, you may see somebody you know in this story, or you may have read of such an incident.

There is much made about ghosts borrowing items. Suddenly an object is there, then it vanishes. Sometime later it reappears, maybe not ever.

What about the young woman who in real life was a borrower of people’s time, money, and kindness without thought of repayment. An ongoing bum of the worse kind. What happens when she died and went over… well, she did not cross over because now she could steal people’s time, money, and kindness without them knowing she was doing it. So, does this make the situation a haunting, or does it make it an ongoing nuisance from the Other Side? And perhaps, you ask yourself, just when will justice come to such a meandering ghost and in what manner. Suppose you tear down the structure the ghost inhabited while alive. Nothing to haunt, right? Wrong. Some person comes along and builds an apartment complex and then the ghost has many tenants to steal from!

If you don’t want a borrowing ghost in the afterlife visiting you, then try however you may to put an end to their ugly habits while they are still alive as flesh and blood humans. If you can. Something to think about… truly it is.

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