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Witness: Devan
Location: Pacific, Missouri
Date of Encounter: May 1995

My name is Devan and I am 16 years old. My grandpa died when my dad was only 8 years old. My grandpa always went to the only bar in Pacific, a small town of about 300 people. This bar had only one door in the whole building (this was before all of the fire safety codes). When you walk into the building you see the bar area, tables, and then a wall separates the pool room with an opening the size of a door into the pool room. He always loved playing pool there.

Thirty years later, after my dad was all grown up, he took my mom and I to the bar. While they had bloody marys, I was enjoying my Shirley Temple (they only had one drink apiece in toast to my grandfather). Other than the bartender, we were the only people in there.

I decided to go to the pool room out of curiosity. When I got in there, there was a tall man playing pool. He knew my name and asked me if I wanted to play with him. Being only four and knowing not to talk to strangers, I told the man that I would ask my dad, so I went to ask my dad. Shivers went through my dad's spine because he knew there was no man back there. My parents looked at each other in shear fear. My dad and I went back to the pool room. When we got back there he was gone. For a person to leave by the time we got there they would have had to pass my mom, because like I said, there was only one way in and one way out. Before we left, my mom got a picture of me by the pool table and you can see a man's face way above my head (let me remind you that he was a very tall man, the picture is lost now).

My dad was so bothered by this he called his mom when we got home. She sent us an old faded picture of my grandpa (until this time I had never seen a picture of him). When I saw the picture of him I immediately recognized him as the man I had seen in the bar.

I personally do not remember all of this but my mom and dad told me about it many times. My dad knew in his heart that I had seen the ghost of his father and he believed it with all of his heart until he died before I turned fourteen. I am sure in my heart that I saw him as well.

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