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Witness: Kevin
Location: Brisbane, Queensland Australia
Date of Encounter: August 2, 2008

This just happened to me a few weeks back and still puzzles me. I decided to take a ghost tour of a Brisbane boneyard called Toowong, the biggest and oldest graveyard in Queensland. I was excited that at last I'm undertaking a ghosty tour of a supposed haunted cemetery. Anyway we all met up and went into the boneyard where we were introduced to our hostess. As she was talking, I was standing taking this all in when I thought I saw someone or something standing on the road dressed in black, observing us (don't you love that word: "observing"). I was surprised as the bloody tour barely even started and already I saw something. As we moved on, we passed the spot where I saw that black thing when, all of an sudden, two very loud clangs, as if someone banged two tin bin lids together right at my ear, banged loudly, scaring the bejesus out of me. I swung my torch around but… nope nothing. All that time during the tour, I felt something was following us and I'm never wrong in knowing someone is following me. I had many experiences where I knew and saw the person sneaking up on me. Anyway, the tour finished and we all went home. I went back New South Wales where I live, but something followed me back. Fair dinkum, for two nights something was in my bedroom. It stroked my neck, I felt it and strummed my guitar then… no more… haven't heard it or felt it. I don't know whether I'd imagined all of this, but it was a strange experience. And I've witnessed the supernatural many-a times for I've lived in a haunted house and worked in a haunted department store, but those are stories for maybe another time.

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