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Witness: [Name Withheld Upon Request]
Location: Taylor, Michigan
Date of Encounter: August 21, 1997

Upon walking into a large store chain, Meyers, I immediately locked eyes with a white male, roughly 6’3″ – 6’4″ approximately 220 pounds, who was walking out of the store. My head and eyes were locked in on him and he continuously stared at me as he walked out. I felt tremendously ill in my stomach and slowly started to go down to one knee to catch my breathe all the while continuing to stare at him and he at me. Once he was completely out of the store and turned his head I immediately felt better. It was one of the strangest encounters that I had ever had.

I am very interested to know if anyone else has had a similar experience upon coming in contact with a stranger. It has been an event that I cannot seem to forget.

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  1. My brother has encountered something just like this but it was with a girl with long blond hair, and his evidence says the girl had black eyes.

  2. It has happened to me before as well. I worked with at a book store and was talking to a customer. As I looked in his eyes, I felt weak, faint, and flushed. YEARS later I found out that there are people that are energy vampires.

  3. I sat at a park bench in Seattle after work once. A guy sat next to me who gave me the chills. I too felt physically I’ll. He talked to me in a deep voice. I can’t recall the conversation. He got up and left I looked at the water in front of me,tuned my head back to him and he was gone.

    I have often that thought about it and I am convinced it was a demon.

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