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Witness: Becky Napier
Location: Wooster, Ohio
Date of Encounter: January 1, 2016

I live in an upstairs apartment of a house. There have been quite a few weird things that have happened here, such as things being moved on their own, doors and cupboards opening, footsteps, and my roommates and I are mentally effected as well. Going from happy to angry with no cause or reason. Tonight I was sitting at a desk in my bedroom and I heard a tapping on the window next to me. There is no draft, nothing hanging or sitting near or on it to cause that noise. There are no trees near that window or power lines. As if that isn’t enough, it was very specific. There would be two taps in a row, and then three, and then two again, and it repeated for a little while. A brief pause and then one tap at a time. Nothing for 10 minutes and then it started all over again. I’m wondering if anyone else has experienced a specific tapping like that and of so, does it have meaning?

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  1. Some time ago right after the death of my Mother, something similar happened to me. I kept hearing knocking on the walls and ceiling and lamps. It went on for quite awhile and it seemed to follow me wherever I went. The knocks sounded like “morse code!” It was driving me crazy!! it finally stopped when I screamed at it! From then on from time to time I hear it but not as bad as the time before. I actually have no idea what it could be, I have asked different people about this, but still to this day I don’t have an explanation.

  2. I put your tapping in a morse code translator and the closest thing I can make out would be

    2 taps a pause 3 taps = IS

    you said that repeats?

    A lone tap and pause = E

    if I say to you “Is E” you’ll think I said “Is he?” but that’s more than likely coincidence or nothing at all. Chances of a spirit knowing morse code.

  3. I had a similar thing happen to me after the death of my mother. Every evening there would be what was more like scratching, first at the window and then the scratches would travel all over the walls and ceiling. It was terrifying and only ended when I asked my mother out loud that if it was her would she stop scaring me and it ended straight away. I still feel her presence but no scratching any more.

  4. I too thought that the taps might be Morse Code. So I checked a chart of Morse Code dots-and-dashes at Wikipedia ( and what I come up with are these possibilities UF the taps are Morse Code:

    2 taps = I
    3 taps = S
    1 tap = E

    So, putting those clues together, what do we get? “IS E” — or “ISIS E”? Or a slight mis-spelling of “SEE”?

    Or is it someone’s — or some association’s — initials, as in I.S.E.?

    BUT what if the taps are a spirit’s (?) way of conveying Morse Code DASHES?
    If so, we get:

    2 dashes = G
    3 dashes = O
    1 dash = T

    … which might be an attempt to spell “GOT” or “GOGO T” or a slightly mis-spelled “GO TO”?

    But on the other hand — even accepting the possibility that there may be paranormal forces involved — is it possible that, instead, there may actually be BIRDS as the cause? I only offer that as a thought — IF it firts the parameters of what you’ve observed — because various species of bird have a definite, almost mathematically regular, manner of chirping or of pecking at something that catches their fancy — such as, maybe, an interesting spot on a window?

    Be that as it may — and I can imagine how chilling the situation must be — what if you were to courageously (or naively?) tap back, and observe whatever the response (if there is one) might be?

  5. I recently moved to Wooster Ohio with my girlfriend and have been interested in learning more about the supernatural and I have been looking to find near places with activity, I have been studying this and want to put it to the test and have an actual communication with those no longer with us.

  6. Last year a special friend committed suicide. For 3 days afterwards we heard a knock, knock, knock on a wall. This happened several times a day. Always 3 knocks. And it stopped after 3 days. We found out a few weeks later that he always did that knock, knock, knock on a wall to tell his mother goodbye whenever he left her house. Maybe a spirit is just trying to get your attention. If u don’t like it just tell them and ask them to stop.

  7. have you ever heard of a windago native legend normally near water sources it tends to mess with the mentality of its victims taps on windows checking if it can get in sometimes you may hear things like a wisper of a loved one or like the guy whos talking about the morse code say go to or go go its trying to single you out legend has it once that happens it takes you eats you and or turns you into one the amarican version is called a skin walker if your still alive you may go insain it feeds off of this and makes you seem crazy best thing is to ignore it if not they say they used to have a spiritual person such as a medicin man or shawmen to watch them as they sleep so they dont get taken in the night theres three different kinds the clawed ones on all 4 feet no eyes the faced ones looks like a naked pale human but its face is drained its eyes are yellow you dont see this one often the more common ones are what i call the greys they can change size but when you first notice them they seem like shadows at the corner of your eye dont pay attention to them its usually a trap to break mentality if so next you will start having dreams of that creature then the clawed ones and then if your lucky enough not to kill yourself you will see the faced ones if you see the clawed ones run if you see the faced ones try shine light on it they seem sensitive towards light trust me if i hadent seen them for myself i wouldent have beleaved it im warning you now for a chance be carefull

  8. Hi Becky, Thanks for sharing. I know it’s been a while as You wrote this in 2016. But, may I say, reading this.. was pretty weird. Just a few mins ago, I just experienced the same exact experience you just shared, EXACTLY HAPPENED THE SAME WAY YOU DESCRIBED IN YOUR STORY ABOUT WHEN U WERE AT UR DESK. SAME PLACE AND WAY THAT JUST HAPPENED TO ME. I am so scared but at the same time curious, just writing this after I quickly ran away from my room to sleep in my mom’s room for tonight, just took my laptop to google and read some Reddit about the similar encounters of what just happened. After hearing those taps though, I tried to call someone on both my phones, ringing every time I call but every time someone would answer I wouldn’t hear a sound. (p.s writing this as a distraction, but I am glad I am not the only one who experiences weird things. Thank God I wasn’t gifted to see the spiritual realm clearly as other folks like Pyshcics, whew, now I see why certain people have the gift and others don’t. .. OMG NOW MY DOG WONT STOP WINING WHT THE ACTUAL FU-

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