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Cape Encounters: Contemporary Cape Cod Ghost StoriesCape Encounters: Contemporary Cape Cod Ghost Stories
By Dan Gordon and Gary Joseph
Publisher: Cockle Cove Press (May 2004)
Pages: 209 – Price: $14.95 review

Part of the charm of this fine book is its coverage of Cape Cod’s historic and unusual homes. The individuals who relate their ghost stories are down-to-earth, real, and honest in their explanations. Their stories are thought-provoking and will make the reader think and consider about ghostly happenings.

Following an insightful preface and introduction, the stories commence with “Reverberations” and “Footsteps.” Other true accounts follow. The short work, “I Scream, You Scream,” will grab your attention and startle you with its account.

“Passages” is another thrilling tale of ghostly happenings. To detail each account would take away the wonderful surprises in store for readers as they read the accounts! Each story is unique in its own way, and each is told in a concise manner.

If you are interested in true ghost stories, and their effect on the participants, you will find this book good for re-reading often. If you are interested in the Cape Cod area, this is a fine way to get to know some of its living and deceased members.

A well-crafted book, this should be in your home library for ghost reference material. Cape Encounters is enjoyable reading.

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