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Witness: Rachel
Location: Massachusetts
Date of Encounter: November 8, 2003

When I was sitting on my couch, my mother was shutting one of the shades in my living room. She was shutting the second one when I saw something behind her. It was not an evil spirit, more of an angel. It was stroking her hair and causing no harm whatsoever. He was a very tall man dressed in gold robes with blond hair. I screamed so loud, but when I told my mom to turn around, she thought I was mental because nothing at all was there. I believe that it was my mother's guardian angel. 

Then, that same day, I was at my grandparent's house, which is over 150 years old. It has a birthing room where people were born, but some had also died in there. Well anyway, I was walking into the kitchen when all of a sudden — SPLASH — the two faucets went on at full blast. I ran out of the room screaming, but still no one ever believes me when I say that my grandparents house is haunted. 

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