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Witness: Amit
Location: Forest Park, Illinois
Date of Encounter: 1997

I was around five or six, maybe a little bit older. Our house was near a cemetery. My mom and I were sitting in our living room when all of a sudden my older sister starts screaming for no reason. So I went up the stairs to the second floor to check on her. I opened the door and there was a man or a shadow of a man standing in front of her bed. I quickly turned on the lights. Oddly enough he wasn't scary. He was dressed in black, in what looked like a ninja suit. His skin was grey and his eyes glimmered as if reflecting light.

My sister told me to turn off the lights and close the door. My sister told me it was nothing. To this day, my parents nor my siblings will tell me about the spirit that lived in our house. I can tell you some things that are odd. This spirit doesn't take kindly to visitor like friends, he tries to scare them. My parents told me if I ever get scared to pray to God and to never stay at home by myself.

My cousin gets freaked there. In the basement at random time you can hear groans, and you can hear footsteps outside my second room on the second floor. Lights in the hallway would turn off by themselves. The spirit would also like to hide things like money in different spots. He told me to stay away from evil. He watches over me. Sometimes at night I can feel his presence next to me. After a while, I can see visions or things that had happened in the past, realistic things that never even happened, or things that were going to happen. I don't really get scared that much anymore.

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