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Witness: Megan
Location: Albany, New York
Date of Encounter: Late June, 2004

I had always wondered if the apartment I lived in with my dad and step-mom was haunted. Things would topple off the top of the refrigerator, my step-mom's purse would mysteriously fall off the seat of a chair, but until the last encounter I had, I didn't think much of these things.

I was sitting on the computer one day, my father sitting on the sofa about 7 or 8 feet away. It was quiet in the room except for one of the local music channels on the television. The windows were shut, as was the balcony door. Out of nowhere, I feel a pair of hands grip my shoulders and hold on tight for about 15 seconds or so. After they released, every hair on my body stood on end, and then something even more strange happened.

We had a wind-up Christmas Ferris wheel on the top shelf of our computer desk. Mind you, we hadn't wound this thing in about 7 months. Very slowly, it began moving and playing it's little tune. It moved faster until it was playing at normal speed, and then slowed down and stopped. The sound was so eerie that it sent chills up and down mine and my dad's spines. I'm not sure who or what it was, but it was definitely a weird encounter. But what was even more weird was the following day.

I was in school, heading down the hallway during class to use the restroom. The hallway was empty and silent. I was walking fairly quickly, when all of a sudden I feel someone tapping my left shoulder, as to get my attention. It wasn't a light tapping either, it was like someone was poking me really hard. I spun around to find the hallway behind me completely deserted. 

Until the day I moved out of my father's apartment, whoever or whatever this was would follow me everywhere. Once I left the apartment for good, it left me alone. But every now and then I can't help but feel like there is something still hovering over me… and watching me.

Now what I want to know… my great-grandfather passed away nearly 9 years ago. I never got the chance to say goodbye to him, and I only saw him once while he was in the hospital. Could it be him, trying to say goodbye one last time?

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