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The Song That Never Ended: A Jazz Musician's Journey to a Love Beyond LifeThe Song That Never Ended: A Jazz Musician’s Journey to a Love Beyond Life
By John Novello
Publisher: New Paradigm Books (April 2003)
Pages: 257 – Price: $16.95 review

For readers of the paranormal, this beautifully expressed love story and contact with a loved one after death will prove to be enjoyable reading. Set against the background of the 1980s and 1990s music scene in Southern California, it is the story of the jazz singer Gloria Rusch and Hammond B3 organ master John Novello. A husband and wife team, they developed a music following and were popular performers.

Despite efforts to save her life, Gloria died of cancer in January 2000. At this point, John Novello found he was not alone, that Gloria was communicating with him from the afterworld. Although dead in the physical sense, she was a vibrant presence.

The book has three parts, and 44 chapters or topics. There is an appendix. “38: A Hug From the Afterworld” is a memorable section from this fine book.

Novello writes with a crisp, solid style which allows the reader to enjoy his story of sharing and joy. It is a story of love beyond death. The sections covering his detailed contact sessions with five internationally-known mediums is one of the highlights of this well-written book.

John Novello, in addition to being a keyboardist and performer, is also an author and composer. In the mid-1990s he co-founded with Bill Sheehan the jazz rock fusion group Niacin. His most recent CD release is Time Crunch.

What makes this book work so well is its blunt honesty and approach to dying, and how it was for Gloria fighting breast cancer and her husband John trying to discover an alternative cure to save her life. There is much sadness and much joy in this book. 

This book is a celebration of life and about contact with the dead, a memorable reading experience which should appeal to a large reading audience. Well-written.

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