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Witness: Maggie
Location: Ontario Canada
Date of Encounter: July 1996

This encounter involved a ouija board and possibly my guardian angel. Years ago, a friend and I were goofing around with a ouija board, being a bit ignorant of the unknown, I mistakenly asked it how old I would be when I died and how. It replied that I would be 16 and that I would die in a car accident. A month or two after I turned 16, I was asked if I wanted to go out with my parents the next day to run errands. I said, "Yes." That next morning, I woke up to discover that my parents left without me — I was annoyed. An hour after I woke up, my mother called me from the hospital. They had been hit by a transport truck an hour before. When I asked why they had left without me, my mom replied that her and my dad had tried for half an hour to get me up and then gave up. What makes it so scary is where the truck had hit. My one brother has to sit behind my mom and my dad does not wear a seatbelt. Had I had been in that car, I would have been sitting behind my dad with the seatbelt on. The transport truck hit the car on the driver's side. almost imploding on the driver's and left backseat side — where I would have been. Creepy, eh?

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