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Wicca for Life: The Way of the Craft-From Birth to SummerlandWicca for Life: The Way of the Craft-From Birth to Summerland
Publisher: Citadel Press (March 2002)
Pages: 342 – Price: $24.95 review

Raymond Buckland is well-known to readers of the paranormal and for all those interested in the supernatural. In addition to being a Witch, he also holds a PhD in Anthropology. He currently lives in Glenmont, Ohio. In this nonfiction book, Buckland examines Witchcraft and what it offers those interested in this old religion.

There is much that will interest a wide range of readers in this detailed book. In addition to the appendix and index, there is an author introduction and 21 chapters.

Of particular interest to those interested in paranormal topics, Chapter 17 “Witchcraft and Death” will offer many insights and provide interesting factual data. There is a discussion of crossing the bridge, another way of looking at the death ritual as it comes to each of us. There is a statement that although Wiccans may disagree on approaches to death, each is aware of the doctrine of reincarnation. Buckland discusses communicating with the dead, and ways to achieve this. Buckland makes the observation that the majority of Witches favor cremation.

Other chapters of interest include “Witchcraft and Birth,” “Witchcraft for Plants and Pets,” “Witchcraft in the Bedroom,” “Witchcraft for Protection,” “Facing the Unexpected With Witchcraft,” “Witchcraft and Death,” among others. Each chapter is concise and full of helpful information.

A well-crafted book, Buckland gives an entertaining and literate look at the many aspects of Witchcraft. This is a book which will hold your interest, from the first page to the last page, and a book that is a nice reference to have on hand in your home library of the paranormal.

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