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Witness: Cindy Day
Location: Indianapolis, Indiana
Date of Encounter: October 2004

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Ghost picture - Indianapolis, Indiana.

My townhome is very haunted, lately there has been increasing activity. I keep getting several orbs in my photos, mainly around my youngest son, Caleb. I have just recently took some more photos and this orb caught my eye — I believe I can see a face in it. This photo was taken upstairs where most of the activity is. There is a wall in my bedroom that I have seen the ghost step out and step into several times, it acts as if there is some sort of portal. I have been touched on two occasions, each time I could see the outline of a human. The first time, it felt like pure energy, like I was being zapped. The second time, it was just the slightest tickle along the fingers. No one has ever been hurt, but the one face in the orb looks so sinister. I have prayed, banished it, talked calmly and it refuses to leave. Any comments please email me.

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