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Witness: Rachel
Location: San Jose, California
Date of Encounter: 1999-2001

My parents left one night to go grocery shopping leaving me and my older brother by ourselves. I was in my room with the door open when I saw a little girl run down the hall. The little girl looked to be around 5-years-old and was wearing a red dress. I thought it was one of the little girls my mother used to baby sit when I realized all the children had already been picked up. I walked down the hall to the kitchen and looked around but found nothing.

A few nights later my brother's friend walked into my brother's room to grab his jacket, but he walked out empty-handed. His face looked really pale. He said he saw a little girl standing by my brother's bed touching his jacket. When he blinked she was gone. That next Sunday, my mother took my brother to church with her and left me at home with my father. I was laying on my mother's side of the bed watching television with my father. He started falling asleep and then started snoring. As soon as he fell asleep I heard noises coming from the kitchen, the living room, and my brother's room. It sounded as if someone was slamming cabinet doors, opening and closing the front door, and opening and closing my brothers chest drawers. I freaked out and shook my father. As soon as he opened his eyes it stopped. I made him stay awake and nothing else happened.

The next night I thought I try to contact her. I was in my bedroom and just started calling her. My 6-year-old niece had seen her before and called her "Kinka" (we thought it was her imaginary friend). I was eating an apple and placed the core on the edge of my desk. I said that if she was real then she should knock the apple core off my desk. I waited five minutes and nothing happened. I kind of giggled to myself and walked to the edge of my mother's bed. Just as I sat down, all the videos from her entertainment center fell right in front of my feet. Since then she hasn't really done anything. Sometimes at night you can feel someone sitting on the edge of your bed, and sometimes if you look you can see the imprint. 

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