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Non-profit CT organization offers the public a look at unexplained activity from a scientific standpoint.

Westport, CT, July 7, 2004: The Smoking Gun Research Agency, Connecticut’s largest organization dedicated to the research and investigation of paranormal and unexplained phenomena, will host a public forum on Saturday, August 7, from 10am – 3pm at the Stratford Public Library. This forum – as with all SGRA presentations – is open to the public at no charge. 

This summer’s forum will feature guest speakers from Connecticut and the surrounding area who will speak on the aspect of science being used to investigate the unexplained. There will be exhibits highlighting local case files and stories, equipment used during field investigations, and other displays. After the forum attendees are invited to join the speakers at the Reality Café (just down the block from the library) for continued discussion, a question and answer session, and also a raffle and other events. 

The guest list includes: Jon Nowinski, Director of the SGRA. Diane Bajorinas, the Agent In Charge of the SGRA Ghost Investigation Division. Jeff Belanger, founder of and author of “The World’s Most Haunted Places.” Peter Moon, author of the “Montauk Project” series. And Denice Jones, founder of the L.I.F.E Foundation and author of “The Other Side.” Updates and information can be found on the SGRA website at, or can be obtained via email at

There will be a media press conference at 12:00 (noon) on August 7. For more information, contact Jon Nowinski at (203)247-0310 or

Please feel free to contact us with any questions you might have. You can also contact us to arrange an advanced interview with members of our team, or to receive press updates on the forum. 

The SGRA was established in 1997 with the intent of conducting research and collecting information on unexplained phenomena. Later that year, the mission was refined so that scientific methods and equipment were utilized to collect and research the data. By 2000 the Agency had grown to encompass over 600 worldwide members, 30 investigators, and 2 branch offices. A new motto was adopted for the millennium that described the purpose of the SGRA: Truth, Fact, & Understanding. Since then the Agency has grown in both size and experience. Director Jon Nowinski and others within the Agency have been featured guests at conferences and meetings around the world. The Agency has been featured in over 50 media outlets, and has been included in 5 book publications. As of June 2004 the SGRA now has Branch Offices in Connecticut, South Carolina, New Hampshire, Texas, Oklahoma, Pennsylvania, and Wisconsin, as well as offices in Australia and the United Kingdom. Members have reached a high of 830, and investigators now top 50. 

“Not For Profit, Only Knowledge.” : 
What makes the SGRA different from many paranormal groups that claim to be interested in scientific research is that the SGRA is not involved for money, only for knowledge. Many “groups” charge fees for participation, investigations, or access to information. We do not. There are no membership or participation fees associated with the SGRA, and anyone is welcome to join. The SGRA is a federally registered nonprofit research group and is funded out-of-pocket by the Agency staff, and through the sale of full reports and products through the website. 

The SGRA has a simple, and yet complete, motto: Truth, Fact, & Understanding. 
Truth: To utilize the equipment and methods of scientific research to discover the truth behind paranormal activity.
Fact: To collect, analyze, and report on substantial evidence proving or disproving paranormal phenomena. 
Understanding: To provide detailed status reports to the public, media, and other interested parties about the activity. 

Summer Forum:
Each year the SGRA hosts a summer forum that is free and open to the public. The forum seeks to raise the awareness of reported paranormal phenomena and encourage the exploration of the possibility that some of these phenomena do exist. Everyone is welcome to attend the forums, whether they are a skeptic or a believer. The forums feature guest speakers, exhibits, open discussions, and much more. 

This year’s forum is titled “The Science of the Unexplained” and will give attendees a look at some of the methods used by paranormal investigators to research claims of activity. There will be examples of both unexplained events, as well as ones that were identified as not paranormal activity. Our speakers and guests this year are all investigators and researchers from the local area. Information about them can be found on the forum page of the website. 

Media Coverage:
The SGRA has received a great deal of media coverage from 1997 to the present. To fulfill the third goal of “Understanding” the SGRA makes an effort to keep the media informed of breaking news from the paranormal field, as well as providing ample time and staff for interviews and questions. Please feel free to contact us at to arrange and interview or ask questions. 

Contact Information:
24 Oakview Circle
Westport CT, 0680-4171

P: 203-247-0310

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