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Witness: [Name Withheld Upon Request]
Location: Norman, Oklahoma
Date of Encounter: May 2004

I was home with my toddler on a weekday morning, and we were doing our usual stuff. I was sitting in a chair in the living room watching TV, while she stood in front of the couch playing with some small toys on the coffee table. I was in a very relaxed state, and I'll admit I was somewhat sleepy. I would watch some of the program, and every minute or so I would glance in the direction of my daughter to see what she was doing. At one point I looked at her and saw, quite clearly, the figure of my friend Sean standing next to her. Sean hanged himself in his bedroom closet on February 7 of 1998. He was 22 years old, and I had known him for 12 years when he died. We had been very close. 

When I saw Sean standing next to my daughter, I felt some surprise, but no fear or tension. He stood still, to her left, and was looking down at her. He was facing me and had his right arm outstretched toward her, and his hand on the base of the back of her neck. His entire posture seemed loving and calm. He was not looking at me at all, but seemed entirely focused on her. He was there for only a few seconds and then was gone. I remember clearly that he was wearing jeans and a red Shetland sweater. My daughter did seem to be looking at him, but said nothing and did not react in any way. 

I miss Sean terribly, and his death devastated me. Shortly after he died I had five vivid dreams in which he was talking to me, but after those ended I experienced nothing unusual in regard to him or his death. The fact that he was "visiting" me now, so long after his death, perplexed me. I have no explanation for this event, and only wished that he had stayed longer.

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