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The Revelation of Saint John: The Path to Soul Initiation by Zachary F. LansdowneThe Revelation of Saint John: The Path to Soul Initiation
By Zachary F. Lansdowne
Publisher: Red Wheel/Weiser (May 2006)
Pages: 233 – Price: $22.95

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An insightful book, this nonfiction work deals with what is oftentimes referred to as being inside the mind of God, since The Revelation of St. John is the last book of the canonical Bible. Zachary Lansdowne gives a new and controversial interpretation of this sacred text.

A favorite topic among numerous groups and subtle input to various Hollywood movies about the End Times or Armageddon, this sacred text is written entirely in symbols. These symbols were created to conceal a path for early Christians, who at the time were persecuted.

Lansdowne utilizes an accurate psychological method of interpretation. He reveals how each symbol depicts some aspect of human consciousness. He claims and sets about to prove his theory that The Revelation of St. John is a carefully designed map to the wakening of higher consciousness and details instructions for this spiritual journey. He uses verse-by-verse to show how this book is a manual for for those who would follow the actual teachings of Jesus without having them reinterpreted by theologicans.

What will shock readers greatly is the fact that The Revelation of St. John is revealed to contain wisdom from many sources, such as archangels in Judaism, chakras and Kundalini in Hinduism, Buddhist mindfulness, among other data. Controversial, definitely so! Accurately detailed and researched, definitely so!

Zackary Lansdowne lives in Carmel Valley, California and is the author of many publications. This is one of his finest books. Excellent reading!

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