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Witness: Lynn Thompson
Location: Stanford, Kentucky
Date of Encounter: June '91-present day

From the outside, this is an unassuming Cape Cod-style home with lovely dormers, cute black shutters, and charming little lamp posts at the end of the front walk. Inside this charming little Cape Cod I have spent many a scary moment.

I still remember the first time we walked in. The house was a bit creepy and my sister said it had a bad aura about it. As we continued through the house and into the basement there was a large "Hitler's" cross spray-painted on the wall, not very comforting.

We moved in with little incident and all was fine except that my sister refused to sleep in her room. She said that it was way too creepy and that she felt like she was being watched. That room has since had many a visitor refuse to sleep in it. The room itself is rather unremarkable except that it has no closets, only little doors that lead to the dormers. In the stairs there is a narrow window that leads from one of those dormers to the stairs and there is an old fashioned deadbolt that locks from the outside. The reasons for these, at the time, were unknown.

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