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Family Wicca: Practical Paganism for Parents and Children by Ashleen O'GaeaFamily Wicca: Practical Paganism for Parents and Children
By Ashleen O’Gaea
Publisher: New Page Books (Expanded Edition May 2006)
Pages: 255 – Price: $14.99 review

This is a much expanded and revised version of the original book published in 1993. It is updated, and remarkably accurate in its tone and approach. Those who have been waiting for its reappearance in print now can have it for their libraries.

Ashleen O’Gaea is an accurate writer, and her research material is in-depth. Noted for her wit and insights, her book about family Wicca will go a long way in establishing some highly useful information for the general reading public.

Following the preface and introduction are the chapters, each chapter as interesting as its topic. The eight chapters include: what is a modern Wiccan family, between the Sabbats, raising children to the craft, magick, answering the hard questions, moons and suns, passages, and living mythically. Glossary, bibliography, and index are included.

There are three helpful appendix references. They cover specific and educational information. The titles are: “The Charge of the Goddess,” “Correspondences,” and “Perfect Love and Perfect Trust.”

This is a fine book from Ashleen O’Gaea, who is also the author of Raising Witches among other books and writings. Her style of writing is concise, lucid, and enjoyable to read. For a positive and entertaining perspective on the subject of Wiccan family values and the Wiccan approach to living a meaningful life, this book should find a welcome following among a wide reading audience. Congratulations to Ashleen O’Gaea on a well-crafted nonfiction book concerning Wiccan values for the family.

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