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Witness: Austin Smith
Location: Orem, Utah
Date of Encounter: June 1, 2014

My names Austin, I live in Utah, I’m 28 years old, I moved about 6 years ago — probably about 100 miles from where I used to live — and I guess that’s where my story began.

I was never really to much into people, I always kind of did my own thing. I hung out with people here and there, had a few friends, but they weren’t necessarily the friends you go to church with or wash your neighbor’s grandma with–LOL. But I was kind of into the stoner scene, but time moves on, some of us got into harder things, lost touch, and just grew up. But I ended up becoming friends with a kid in high school who I began to hang out with, and one day he says, “Hey, you know you can get high off gasoline?” That’s when it happened, we did it a couple times one day. I’m alone and desperate as the junkie I was, so I go out to my shed, pick up the gas can (now, please read this before you decide, Oh, you just melted your brain), about 20 minutes go by, I’m feeling dizzy, then from the corner of my eye I see someone tap me on the shoulder. I turn around and it wasn’t gone. I see this shadowy reaper figure kind of float over to a part of my shed where there was about a 2′ x 3′ piece of plywood that it began pointing at. Why, I’ll never know, but there was a chair right there so I sat down. It was almost as if my eyes where focusing like a projector. As they did, a picture started appearing. There where images of books with either 1, 2, or 3 letters on each of them as to categorize them, but at the same time they had repeating letters, and I thought maybe it was some kind of alphabet. It looked like Hebrew or something. But it changed even more like a TV changing from one network to another, but it had them on all the channels.

The pictures had to do with hell, reapers, witches, and ghosts. Loved ones I’ve lost began “talking” to me I think? It’s hard to believe you’re talking to someone when you can’t see them. But it gets worse, as I did not stop going out there and watching it.

Now, this house we lived in was my grandparents. We had only lived there maybe a year before all this happened. We had always heard our door handles shaking — that was normal, but after what happened out there things got bad. A black circle had been burnt the next morning into my shed. A while later, I had a couple white symbols appear — one in our shed that looked like a skull with a slash, and two dashes like this [ -_-/ ], then one by our porch that looked like a silhouette of my face. They were some kind of white, gooey, chalky substance.

That was the beginning — things here, things there — but it then came inside the house. There was one entity I talked to pretty regularly. She was a reaper, but she was young, and wore a tribal mask. Strangely, for some reason — and I had no idea as to what they were — they disappeared, and I worry something bad happened.

There was another girl there among a lot of others that I really doubt had good intentions. I woke up one morning to see that carved into my wood bedframe in big letters was “AUSTIN & MARY forever.”

For what I can only think was just a lack of thinking and boredom, I started looking at my turned off television set when I began to see satanic images in the blank screen. I snapped out of it and decided to go in my back yard and have a smoke. I looked over at my shed as I lit my smoke, and saw like eight people in dark, hooded robes sitting around a fire. I’m about to go over there and tell them to get off my property because I really thought they were… I don’t know… people. I’m told something by one of them, and for some reason it was a good enough reason to go back in. So I’m wore out, going to go down to my room and go to sleep, but I stop in our little TV room where my family are watching TV. I look out the window — I know this all sounds insane — but I see this seven foot-tall muscular reptilian guy. I froze for maybe 10 minutes, then go down to my room, and after hours get to sleep.

I’m feeling this is getting way too long, so I really just wanted to tell my story. I’ve had dreams of witches ever since I was a child, dreams of this happening when I would move into my grandparents home. I just don’t have a clue, and I need some literature or advice, heck I don’t even want to get rid of em (I don’t think I can), but I just want to survive. So thanks for reading, guys.

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