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The New Hermetics: 21st Century Magick for Illumination and PowerThe New Hermetics: 21st Century Magick for Illumination and Power
By Jason Augustus Newcomb
Publisher: Weiser Books (August 2004)
Pages: 240 – Price: $19.95 review

Newcomb’s book will engage the reader from the first to the last page with its lucid approach to the ancient Egyptian form of Hermetic philosophy that believed the mind shapes reality. Essentially, if one learns to control his or her mind, that part of the universe is controlled, and shaped.

There are also updated versions of the Rosicrucian ten levels of initiation, and the use of the techniques of neuro-linguistic programming and visualization. By controlling one’s mind, one controls one’ s reality. The foreword by Lon Milo DuQuette is educational and enjoyable reading, and there is also included a list of figures and tables, plus an introduction.

The chapters contain much information which will have a wide appeal for readers. Such topics as truth, mystical states, the models and tools of the New Hermetics, self-mastery, the four elements, sacred numbers and geometry, alchemy, gnosis, Qabala and Tarot, the Ten Sephiroth, twenty-two letters and paths, four parts of the soul, magick, the altered state, initiation, astral traveling, Pranayama, rising on the planes, creating your inner harmony, balancing your power, and beyond adepthood are among the many topics covered. There are ten chapters and five appendix listings. The Bornless Ritual and New Hermetics Sex Magick are discussed. Notes and bibliography with a suggested reading list is included.

This is an unusual reading experience, an intriguing learning adventure, and a book that will hold your interest. Highly recommended.

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