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Witness: Jeanine Brown
Location: Grants Pass, Oregon
Date of Encounter: October 5, 2004

From the first moment I stepped into my home when we were just looking at it, I knew it was haunted. The ghost of a 6 or 7 year old girl lives in my sister's bedroom. She has been seen by myself, my sister, and many of our friends. Recently, I was reading Ghost Stories of Oregon and I was commenting on how there were no stories from Grants Pass. I was the only one in the house, and joking around, I asked the little girl if she would mind if I wrote a book on Grants Pass ghost stories, not thinking I would get a response. A few moments later, my sister's bedroom door opened and I heard footsteps coming down the hall. The footsteps stopped at the entry way into the living room were I was. My dog — who is the world's biggest wimp — walked over there and sat down, acting like she was getting petted. I didn't see the ghost, but the temperature in the room dropped down so fast that the heater came on. Then the footsteps retreated, and my sister's radio, which was on, turned down to almost nothing. After the door closed, the temperature in the room returned to normal. This is currently the most intense experience I have ever had with this girl's ghost.

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