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Witness: Raaj Datta
Location: Nagaland, India
Date of Encounter: July or August 1984

Nagaland is in the northeast of India and it's a cold and mountainous region. Every evening around 9 PM, my parents along with me and my sister used to go for long walks — as the place was quite remote there were no vehicles plying on the roads, in fact, it was more due to the treacherous terrain, as accidents were quite frequent. There used to be only one road past our house and after about a mile it divided into two — the straight one led to a different locality around 5 miles away, and the other one which was distinctly separated, led to the cemetery jointly used by the Hindus and Christians. The road leading to the cemetery was so distinctly separated that no one could ever mistake it even without a flashlight, and moreover the road was an unpitched one.

That night, also as usual, we started and continued on the straight road leading to the other locality. We were more than a mile into that road when my father began telling us that he had been informed that the other road leading to the cemetery was haunted and many people had experienced strange sensations and quite a few of them had claimed to see strange figures. As a five year old kid I was obviously a bit frightened. By this point, we were so tired that we decided to turn back home — as we were about to turn back, suddenly my sister who was three years older than me, gave a huge shriek. We got stunned by the yell, and we saw that she was not moving and was constantly looking at something.

We slowly began to turn our heads into the direction she was looking. The next thing we knew, we were in the cemetery and my sister was looking at a burning funeral pyre with absolutely no one around — and this is never the case, as someone has to be there until a dead body is totally burnt down. When we came to our senses we started running as fast as we could.
The next day, we came to know that for the last seven days not a single dead had been brought to the cemetery. From that day, our evening walks took place in the mornings. 

The legend of the haunted cemetery was after all true, and rather horrible to us.

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