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The Mentalist's Handbook: An Explorer's Guide to Astral, Spirit, and Psychic Worlds by Clint MarshThe Mentalist’s Handbook: An Explorer’s Guide to Astral, Spirit, and Psychic Worlds
By Clint Marsh
Publisher: Weiser Books (June 2008)
Pages: 197 – Price: $16.95 review

This book is a learning experience, and frankly, it is fun reading in all aspects. The work uses a strong combination of visualization techniques, intuition skills, and other approaches to the Aetheric plane.

There are instructions which are easy to follow and enjoyable. Lesson One is about the nature of Aether, and there are some interesting comments on visualization and memory. Lesson Two is about Aetheric beings, the astral world, the elemental world, astral hounds, departed spirits, devas, and the dwellers on the threshold, among other topics! Lesson Three is about Aetheric exercises and Lesson Four is about Ascension.

Lesson Five is about the Spirit world, and all it involves. Many intriguing topics are covered and shared with the reader. Information is given on mediums, phantoms, becoming sensitive to the presence of spirits, and spiritism in everyday life.

Lesson Six concerns mental influence and the ethics of mentalism. An index of exercises closes out the book.

An interesting part of the book is the Aetheric beings identification chart, and this, too, adds to a imaginative and provocative look at mentalism. Readers of the paranormal should find this book a special treat to read! Congratulations to the author on a job well done!

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