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Witness: Raaj Datta
Location: Kolkata, India
Date of Encounter: August 1999 and April 2001

I have had paranormal experiences throughout my life but I have never been harmed in any way whatsoever. Maybe I never let it get into my head. This particular incident, though shook me a bit.

Now, getting to the point of what exactly happened. I was in the 11th grade, and I stayed alone in Kolkata at that time. It was a rented accommodation. I stayed in the ground floor and the owner and his family stayed upstairs, but mine was completely separate. My bedroom was just beside the corridor to the kitchen. But the house was in a bizarre fashion. I had to take a full turn through the front room to get to the kitchen after crossing the corridor.

As usual, I would study till 1 a.m. and then go to sleep and that night nothing was too unusual. After switching off the lights, I went to bed and was fast asleep. After around 45 minutes or so, I heard something and my sleep got disturbed. It was still dark, but I could clearly hear the sound of someone walking in the corridor. The person was wearing a payel/ghungroo (a musical instrument worn by women around the ankle to produce rhythm) which is very common in India. I could not believe my ears and I thought that it must be the house owner's granddaughter who was just 2 years then. But I had to dismiss that because the sound which was coming from the ghungroos gave the impression that it should be someone of around 20-25 years of age, and moreover it was almost 2 a.m. Strange enough, the person or the sound never moved beyond the corridor. This continued for another 15 minutes, then I decided to get up and switch on the lights. All of a sudden, the sound stopped. I checked the entire house, but I couldn't find anything unusual.

The next day I asked the owner if they were awake late at night. He confirmed that they went to sleep around 11 p.m. and no one got up that night. I still could not believe what I heard last night; I thought I must have cooked it up in my brain. That night too, when I went to sleep, after an hour or so, I began hearing the same sound. I got a bit disturbed because on the second day the sound was coming from the front room and from that room only. It was not from the corridor, it was the front room. The only difference being, the sound was very distinct. After 5 minutes, I got up and switched on the lights and the sound vanished. I looked here and there but found nothing. The rest of the night was peaceful.

The next and the third night it was all the same but I got real scared. The sound was in my room and kept moving around my bed. I started calling God's name but it made no difference. The next thing I knew, I jumped out of my bed and raced toward the switch board and just when I switched on the lights, the sound vanished. I was out of my wits as I have never come across something like this. But after that night nothing happened.

After the incident, I got in touch with a person who knew some sort of black magic. He gave me a talisman but he also mentioned that it was definitely not a spirit or ghost but something like a fairy. He warned me not to mess with it. One thing he clearly told me was that I shouldn't go outdoors if it again happened. Afterwards, I pursued many people who were into occult practices and got one common answer; I might have some sort of past life relation with this thing. But believe me, I simply disagree with this hypothesis.

Again, in April of 2001, after we shifted to our own house with my mom and dad, I again went through the same experience. This time the sound did not enter our house, rather it came from our garden. I quickly opened the backside door but could not find anything. The next night it again happened and this time I armed myself with a kitchen knife and the talisman. I went outside and suddenly the sound shifted to the roof of our house. I decided to climb to the roof — we hadn't yet built the stairs — so it was quite a risk, but I went ahead. I started climbing and just when I was a foot lower than the roof, a sudden thought crossed my mind; what if I see something ghastly? Then I looked down and understood if the thing had intentions of killing me, this was the time. I quickly got down and bolted the door from inside. I wondered what got into my mind that I got myself to climb to my potential death.

I told my mom the next morning, but she too was confused as to what exactly happened. But what happened had really happened and how could I dismiss it? What was it? I truly don't know.

I am not posting this stuff just to get myself published. It is my request to the Ghostvillage team if they can tell me, what are these things?

Maybe because I do meditation, I am still unhurt. It is an accepted fact that meditation closes in the link between the normal and the paranormal. People who practice meditation on holy names are less likely to be hypnotized.

All I can say is, I am not a fool or an uneducated person, but something is there and I do not have any explanation at all. My email id is If anyone has any clue what it could be, please mail me.

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