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Witness: Dianna L. T.
Location: Norman, Oklahoma
Date of Encounter: Spring 1999

In the spring of 1999, me and two of my girlfriends went in together to rent a three bedroom apartment in a complex of condominiums. The rent seemed lower than usual for the area, but we thought nothing of it.

We felt very warm and invited to live there. Among the three of us were three to six cats, and a number of smaller pets like hamsters and lizards. Over the course of four months, our relationships would erode, an unusual number of the pets would die, and the three of us experienced and saw chilling things that prompted us to move out of the apartment.

One of my roommates, I'll call her Beth, got to the point where she was not able to sleep in her bedroom. She slept in the living room, and reported seeing colored orbs of light in the adjoining dining room. On several occasions, the other roommate, I'll call her Jolene, thought that someone was looking at her from her private bathroom. On the few occasions that I was home and listening to music on headphones in the living room, I felt a sharp chill go by me and felt as if someone were hovering over me.

Over the next few weeks to months we felt unusually hostile toward each other, but only while inside of the apartment. Hamsters and lizards began to die off one-by-one unexplainably, and then even stranger things began to happen. Upon suspecting that the cats had a flea infestation, Beth inspected the carpets under the living room furniture with a black light. What she discovered was chilling: footprints and spatters leading from one room to another as if lit by luminol.

The ghastly spatters and footprints led to my room which I had only slept in once, and the marks indicated a truly horrifying struggle. After the horrific discovery, our plumbing began to unexplainably give out. The plastic pipes fell out from under the sink one day, and the shared bathroom tub developed a leak that spewed water into the bathroom of the downstairs neighbors. We broke the lease and actively found another place to rent.

In the next house it was not easy escape from the paranormal. Although I didn't really live there, Beth and Jolene reported chilling evidence of hauntings. The television would spontaneously turn itself on and off, blue orbs were seen going up and down the stairwell, a ghostly set of footsteps and knocking were heard on the porch, and I personally heard a man's voice muttering in my room during one over-night there.

We again broke our lease and sublet the second property to three friends who had no knowledge of our grim observations. The next three residents quickly called us reporting hearing a man's voice, smelling cigarette smoke (which Jolene had also reported) and hearing objects and furniture moving around in another room upstairs. The second rental house was 150 feet away from a very old set of railroad tracks and we blamed the placement for the high incidence of haunted activity.

After the three of us parted ways, none of us have reported living in a haunted place since.

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