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Witness: Gena
Location: New Hope, Pennsylvania
Date of Encounter: August 2003 to present

A week after my great-grandmother passed away, strange things started happening at home. As far as I can tell, her passing and the acquisition of some antique furniture (not related to her) are the only correlations I can find that relate to the eerie things that started happening in my house last month.

On the day my Dad came home with the truckload of very old antique furniture, I felt a sense of deja vous upon seeing it. I remembered having a dream about this very furniture many months before. One piece of furniture in particular was recognizable from my dream because it was very ornate. My dad got the furniture for free from our neighbor whose mother had to go into a nursing home. Our neighbor told my Dad he could keep everything in her house so long as he agreed to clear it out. When my Dad told me I could keep some of the furniture I was very excited because it was exactly what I had dreamt of. The only thing difference from my dream was that there were no birdcages. In the dream, I specifically remember that along with the furniture there were very large, very fancy birdcages.

Later that day I was reading a magazine and I saw an ad for a four-leaf clover ring. When I saw the ad, another strange feeling of deja vous swept over me. I suddenly remembered having a dream about finding a four-leaf clover the night before. I didn't think much about it at the time, other than to wonder if I'd have some good luck in store for me. At that moment, I suddenly decided to get started cleaning out my old bedroom furniture so I could make way for the new.

I was cleaning out a drawer in my night stand when it occurred to me that I should probably pull the drawer completely out to make sure nothing slipped behind. Behind the drawer I found a small green metal box. In the box I found $1666. The furniture previously belonged to my grandmother, so I guess she hid it behind the drawer and forgot about it before her death a few years ago. It was weird to think that the furniture was in my room for so many years and I didn't make this discovery until the day I was planning on getting rid of it. What I found particularly strange were the dreams I had been having about the furniture and the four leaf clover. Especially the part about the bird cages. Not only was my grandmother Irish (the clover), but she sold parrots and bird accessories, like bird cages, for a living. As much as I wanted to believe she had sent me a sign, I chalked it up to a bizarre series of coincidences.

Then the really weird stuff started happening. Last week my mom's friend visited us in the evening on Labor Day. We were sitting in the living room watching a movie when my mom decided she wanted to show her friend my new furniture. The three of us went in my bedroom and my mom told me to tell the story about the money I found — we were in my room for only a few minutes.

We went back out into the living room, which is just outside of my bedroom, and continued talking about the series of weird coincidences leading up to my finding the money. My mom walked into the kitchen, which adjoins the living room, and stopped suddenly. She said, "Did you see this?" We both turned around and to our surprise, all of the kitchen cabinets were wide open. There was no explanation for it. We didn't even hear them open. We were only in my room for a few minutes, and there was no one home who could have played such a senseless prank. Strangely enough, I didn't feel afraid. My mom, however, said she had chills all over her body.

Well, things haven't been improving. They've only gotten weirder. Things have been getting misplaced, and cars are now starting on their own. My guinea pigs both died in their cages within a minute of each other and no one can figure out how or why they died. My mom is going through menopause so I figured maybe these things are happening because of her hormonal ups and downs. Maybe she's just being really forgetful. But I still find it hard to believe that my pets, who were perfectly healthy, could just drop over dead within a minute of each other. It seemed as though something sent them into shock, but nobody knows what it was.

Incidentally, when two dog leashes went missing last week, one of them was found days later on the stone wall outside of our house. A few days later I put my guinea pigs on that wall, thinking nothing of it, and in that same spot they both died. Coincidences? I don't know anymore.

The other night when I was falling asleep I heard my grandmother's voice. It was as though she was speaking through my thoughts. I heard her say, "It's okay, hon', the pigs are with me." Maybe I was just comforting myself by imagining her saying that, but it was strange because I wasn't even thinking about her when I heard that voice.

I was skeptical in the past, but all of these things keep adding up. I can't wait until I move out in a few months. It just keeps getting creepier.

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