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The Happy Medium: Awakening To Your Natural Intuition by Jodi LivonThe Happy Medium: Awakening To Your Natural Intuition
By Jodi Livon
Publisher: Llewellyn (August 2009)
Pages: 286 – Price: $16.95 review

The Happy Medium is a wonderful reading experience for those interested in intuition and mediumship. Jodi Livon is a professional medium for over twenty-five years, and she is the founder of The Intuitive Coach LLC.

The book contains chapters that cover a multitude of mediumship topics. Among these well-written chapters the reader will discover the groundwork of grounding, space, love and intuition, the universal code of ethics, intuition and the workplace, death and grieving, and mourning and the other side. The chapter on mourning and the other side is of particular interest.

As a guide to awakening natural intuition, this is one of the best books of its kind written in recent years. Jodi Livon has a gift for expressing herself clearly and in an entertainingly accurate manner of presentation. Her writing style is enjoyable, and she has a lot of share and says it well.

This is a fine reading adventure. It is a book that will answer many of your questions concerning intuition and becoming a medium. Livon has an online site at and teaches workshops on how to develop psychic intuition.

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