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Lee Prosser - Bide One's Time is Lee's bi-weekly column on the supernatural. There are many things I have wished to encounter in my life. Many things. Having the time to do so is the key to the lock that opens the treasure chest of enchantments!

When death comes, it always comes with some excuse; we have no comeback, but must smile, shrug, and go with it. Well, there are some things I would like to encounter before such a meeting.

Among some items I have encountered are coming into contact with paranormal beings, extraterrestrial beings, genuine magick, and time loops. I feel I have been fortunate. Yet, I am now sixty-four years old and still learning, and see no reason to stop experiencing with awe and curiosity what lies beyond the range of current human perception. What lies beyond has fascinated me since childhood. It started in earnest with my first paranormal contact with a ghost at age six. I look forward to learning what new truths the universe has to offer. Humans should not be afraid to learn from that which is greater than their personal conceptions.

As far as interdimensional beings, I feel that is somewhere down the line for me, nearer than I had hoped, but coming in its own sweet manner. I recall vividly my late Uncle Willard David Firestone discussing such beings, but in slightly different terms than those terms being used in current discussions. Literally, an interdimensional being is an entity that has the ability to step between dimensions, an entity that has a purpose and a goal and a wish to accomplish some meaningful act through the physics of interdimensional travel.

To meet such an entity may surprise us. It may not look anything at all like we might imagine it to look like in our wildest imagination, for it may be as mundane looking in appearance as the neighbor next door raking his or her leaves, or as whimsical as a polka-dotted kangaroo wearing Bermuda shorts while eating a triple-decker hamburger at the ocean beach, or something else that is scary and rude and terrifyingly real! You may have already met an interdimensional being. I wonder if I have, and that interdimensional being decided on observation rather than open, direct contact? Perhaps, and probably so. That quick touch on the side of your wrist may be such a contact! Or even that gentle touch upon your lips which you quickly dismiss as the south wind passing by your face! An innocent touch may be an interdimensional being making physical contact for reasons known only to that being. Interdimensional beings are as curious about us as we should be about them. I look forward to having a genuine contact with an interdimensional being, and am available for a meaningful meeting of meaningful exchange, a genuine sharing! Bring it on!

I truly do welcome the coming of contact with interdimensional beings on the planet earth. Why? Because we can learn from them. Life does have a sense of humor and comes in all kinds of smiles. Yes, I welcome the coming of interdimensional contact on an ongoing basis, so bring on the best there is to offer, and let us get on with the process of life’s humor and variety of smiles. Humor is the spice of life, and helps eliminate the stagnation of boring moments brought on by our outdated perceptions of time. Call on the interdimensional beings, and put a little spice in your life! Then see what happens.

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