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Witness: Trish Marr
Location: Livonia, Michigan
Date of Encounter: 1966

I am an average, sensible woman who has had an extraordinary experience. It happened when I was just about to turn 5 years old, and it happened more than once.

My younger sister and I shared a twin bed; I was 4 and she was 3 at the time. My two older sisters shared a double bed along the same wall. Nestled between the two beds was a typical brown wood 6 drawer chest of drawers. One night I awoke because I needed to use the bathroom. I vividly remember sliding down off the bed, in my pajamas with the feet, with the chest of drawers at my right; it was taller than I was. All of a sudden a white, see-through hand silently emerged out of the fifth drawer and enclosed my right wrist. I was surprised and shocked but I was not frightened at the time, I simply knew that I needed to get back in bed. The hand withdrew, I felt kind of like I was in shock, I gazed out the window at the foot of my sister's bed, and I heard a sound that I can't describe, kind of like I was underwater. Then I got back up on the bed and fell asleep. Of course I wet the bed; my mother was not happy. My sisters became frightened in the morning when I looked in the drawer and I told them that I was looking for the hand.

making up the story to cover for wetting the bed, which made me mad because I was a big girl and I didn't fib. But really I was more frightened of the hand so I began sleeping at the foot of the bed so it couldn't get me. Of course I stopped wetting the bed.

The best part of the story though is that my Dad believed me. He went out and borrowed a dresser from his Mom and put the brown one on the back porch. That night I was drawn out onto the porch; I remember it vividly. The moon was shining bright and I just stood back and stared at it. I knew it could never get me again.

Some people may find this hard to believe because of my age or because of a child's tenancy to fib to protect themselves but I have to tell you… when something like this happens to you, time stops. You become completely conscious of every detail; it becomes burned into your memory permanently. I don't share this with "normal" people anymore. It feels horrible when they look at you like you are insane. I hope my experience will be appreciated by fellow victims.

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