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Witness: Elizabeth
Location: Hopkinsville, Kentucky
Date of Encounter: August 2002

It was sometime back in the summer and I happened to be sick, so I went bed early. My aunt was sleeping in the rocking chair across the room from me and I woke up because I heard a noise across the room. When I opened my eyes the rocking chair was moving back and fourth, fast. It had appeared to me that my younger brother had his back to me and was pushing the chair with my aunt in it. I screamed at him to stop and my aunt woke up. When she woke up he had disappeared. I soon found out that my brother was not even in the house at the time.

Two weeks later, my mom was asleep on the couch and I was watching TV when the channels started to turn really fast. My mom woke up screaming for my brother to stop playing with the TV but my brother was nowhere around. She swears that she saw him changing the channels. When we moved out of the house the landlord told us that a boy of my brother's age had died in his sleep in that house shortly before we had moved in.

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