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Witness: Daniela Dell'Oca
Location: Santa Margherita Ligure, Genoa, Italy
Date of Encounter: July 1975

During that summer I was staying with my grandma at the seaside. She lived in an apartment that was very close to a graveyard. One evening I was in bed and it was very dark. Suddenly, I saw a very bright figure that looked like a nun. I couldn't see her features because it was really very bright. It just walked right in front of me and disappeared in the wall. From that time on I started having strange incidents. For example, where I'm living now I turn off a light in the storage room and after awhile I find it on. Once I closed my bathroom door before going to bed and the next morning I found it open. Often when I'm alone in a room I get a whiff of flowers and I often see movements with the corner of my eyes.

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