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Witness: Kassie Goodson
Location: Carthage, Missouri
Date of Encounter: December 25, 2008

My friend and I were up late as always, and just outside my room I felt a chill. My room is at the end of the hall, closest to the door, so I didn't think anything of it at first. On my way to the kitchen to get a drink, I felt the chill again. Then I heard footsteps. It wasn't my friend, any of my three cats, or two dogs, and it wasn't my dad, because he and my almost-step-mom were out at the time doing some last-minute Yule shopping. I returned to my room and got out my Egyptian Tarot Cards to try and read them as I often do on Yule. The first card I drew was "Death." Footsteps again. Then I drew "The Tower," which is perceived as a bad omen. More footsteps. Then "Cleopatra," which is seen as a sign of haunting. Still more footsteps. Kim and I looked out the bedroom door and saw my pendant suspended in mid air. It fell when I asked who was holding it. I went to pick it up and heard Kim scream the second I bent down. I looked up to see what it was for, and there, before me stood the figure of a Civil War general. From the uniform, I'd say he was Confederate. He held out the pendant and as I took it, he faded out of view. He is still seen walking the hall from room-to-room looking for something, Isis knows what, though. This wasn't the first encounter with him, and it is far from the most interesting, but I thought I'd share it anyway.

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