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Witness: Goddess
Location: Four Winds, Louisiana
Date of Encounter: 1976

When I was 10, I shared a double-bed with one of my younger sisters. She had what was called "a floating kidney," and was a bed-wetter, so you can bet I slept as far away from her as was humanly possible. I faced away from her. From my vantage point, I could see through the doorway and down the hallway.

One night, I awakened to see my sister walk past the foot of the bed and through the doorway. When she did not turn to go into the bathroom (which was right next to our bedroom), I figured she'd gone into the kitchen — perhaps to sneak a drink of milk — like I often did. I waited to see the tell-tale light from the refrigerator shine into the hallway. When that didn't happen, I thought it likely that my sister had fallen asleep on the sofa in the living room, since we all walked in our sleep and often woke up in interesting places.

I decided I should go get her and bring her back to bed (she was only 6 years old, at the time). I sat up in bed to swing my legs out and was startled to see my sister still in the bed with me!

I scrambled from my bed and across the hallway to my mother's room. Trying to keep the fear from my voice, I told her, "There's someone in the living room! I saw her walk past the end of my bed and down the hall!"

My mother — Heaven love her — never once told me I was dreaming when I'd go to her about strange occurrences. She grabbed her robe and went into the living room. Of course, there was no one there.

It was a few days later that I overheard her telling a neighbor a very interesting story. During a short trip to visit relatives out-of-town, all of the adults were in one house and all of the children in another next-door. One of my uncles asked my mother, "Who all's here?"

They'd been drinking, so she looked at him funny, but she named everyone in that house. He questioned her asking if, for sure, she knew that my sister or perhaps my cousin a year younger was there. My mom answered, "No… but why?" My uncle swore he'd seen a young girl leave the bedroom at the end of the hallway and enter the nearby bathroom.

Could "she" have followed us home? I continued to see that girl and she'd present herself to me as two different ages. Even when we moved from one place to another. Usually, she was just standing at the foot of my bed. I'd wake, see her, and go back to sleep.

It was when my brother saw her, when I was 16, that I got a little spooked.

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