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The Holy Books of ThelemaThe Holy Books of Thelema
By Aleister Crowley
Publisher: Weiser Books (February 1989)
Pages: 270 – Price: $24.95 review

Now reprinted, this collection of Aleister Crowley material is one that shows the man involved in passing on to future generations some of his most inspired writings. There is a section which reproduces Crowley’s handwriting, and for those interested in handwriting analysis, this also gives some revealing facts about the man.

There is a preface, followed by a synopsis which compiles from the writings of Aleister Crowley. Then comes the helpful, and enjoyable introduction. Readers of the paranormal will find everything about this book unusual, and educational.

The book is divided into sections identified as “Liber.” These sections have unusual titles, for example, “Liber Tau Vel Kabbalae Trium Literarum.” The appendix material will prove highly interesting and includes “The Stele of Revealing,” “Technical Bibliography," and "Selected References.”

This is Crowley. This is Magick with a capital M. The Holy Books of Thelema are the cornerstone of the religious system Crowley founded. He named this complex, intimate system, Thelema. Crowley received this material while in a mystical trance. 

For those interested in one of the major occult writers, this is an ideal place to start. The book is worth your time, and it will whet your curiosity to read more of and about this controversial man, and what he achieved.

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