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Witness: Lori Pace
Location: Marietta, South Carolina
Date of Encounter: July 20, 2005

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Ghost picture - Marietta, South Carolina

My name is Lori Pace, I'm a firetographer and one day while I was at my mother-in-laws home, I took a photo of my two nephews and my daughter in her pool on July 20, 2005. At first I didn't notice until after my sister-in-law pointed it out to me after printing the picture. So I went back to my original and found it there also. I have circled the two items that I cannot explain. One is of a man and the other is a poodle dog. I have circled the images that are weird to me and maybe you can help. But first some facts: there was no one else around when I took the picture, no one has ever died in the pool, it was put in after my father-in-law passed away years ago. The picture of the man looks nothing like my father-in-law or anyone we know. Also, the poodle being in the picture is weird to me because my mother-in-law's poodle died about a year ago. And there was nothing printed on the boy's pants. Any explanation would be welcomed. And yes, I do believe in ghosts, but I have never seen anything like this before. Thanks in advance and hope to hear something back soon.

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