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Witness: Karen
Location: Delevan, Wisconsin
Date of Encounter: April 1998

My husband and I had moved to a small house by the lake in Wisconsin. Our first child had been born in February of 98 and it was 2 months later while we were up with the baby around 3 A.M. that my encounter first happened.  We were sitting on our couch talking and I got up to get the baby a bottle. I stood up and could not move anywhere. I was dragged across the room to the front door. I could make out a cloudy outline in front of me (it was in front of me and pushing me backward), but I could not make a sound — my arms were flailing and everything happened so quickly. After about 20 seconds I could scream, and scream I did, "Let's get the hell out of here!" As we were leaving, the sound of music stopped me (my husband saw what had happened to me but did not hear or see what happened next).

In my hallway was a sight I will never forget my whole life. I saw a ballroom from the late 1800s or early 1900s with people dancing. It was very cloudy but I could see the people dancing, I could hear the people talking, and the music playing. The man that had pushed me across the room was dancing with a lady (the man had a white wig on) and they looked at me and an incredible feeling of sadness arose in me from them. I was no longer scared but did not understand. For the next 2 months we lived there I would smell the smells and hear the music but never saw anything again. To this day I still wake up almost every night at the same time (3 A.M).

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