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Destiny RecordingsSounds of the Chakras
By Harish Johari
Publisher: Destiny Recordings (January 2004)
Audio CD – Price: $12.95

Sacred Sounds of Santeria: Rhythms of the Orishas
By Raul J. Canizares
Publisher: Destiny Recordings (January 2004)
Audio CD – Price: $12.95

Awakening Kundalini for Health, Energy, and Consciousness
By Chris Kilham
Publisher: Destiny Recordings (November 1996)
Audio Cassette – Price: $10.95 review

Inner Traditions publications has brought out three fine CDs, each having to do with energy and spiritual progress. Noted for their fine nonfiction books, this is another aspect of their publications. 

Sounds of the Chakras by Harish Johari, CD, 1990, total playing time is 58:43 minutes. This CD provides authentic sounds for meditation on each of the chakras. Pronunciation is given, and the entire intonation cycle is given for personal practice. This CD is also a companion to Harish Johari’s book, Chakras: Energy Centers of Transformation. 

Sacred Sounds of Santeria: Rhythms of the Orishas collected by Raul J. Canizares, 1993, total playing time varies depending upon the recordings. There are six studio recordings and eleven field recordings. These are powerful vocal and sound performances, and the rare field recordings completed during the 1950s in Cuba where made during actual Santeria rituals. This is a fascinating encounter with the sound of Santeria.

Awakening Kundalini For Health, Energy, and Consciousness by Chris Kilham, 1997, total playing time is 62:17 minutes. This work discusses in-depth what is and what is not the powerful force known as Kundalini. Discussion is followed by specific applications. Kundalini is seen as coiled at the base of the human spine like a sleeping serpent, only needing to be awakened. Once awakened, this energy leads to heightened personal development. Meditation techniques for safely opening the Kundalini are given.

Taken together, these three recordings give a different perspective on sound. Each is instructive and each is entertaining. 

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