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Witness: Reginald Glidden Jr.
Location: Albany, New York
Date of Encounter: February 8, 2006

I have had a number of experiences with Ghosts and the Paranormal throughout my life and wrote a book called Ghostly Encounters. This experience is not in the book. It started when my friend from college said that a coworker of his had things happening at his house and he wanted me to see his house and see if I could find any ghosts and try to tell him what was happening. My friend and I got to the house around 6 PM. We went to the back of the house, because we heard someone out there. The owner of the house was cleaning a throw rug on the deck. My friend introduced us and we chatted a little while. I told him about some of my experiences and he said that we should go inside and I could meet his wife. I usually get myself in a calm, relaxed state before doing a reading. The messages started coming to me the minute I walked through the back door. I told them that the back room was a porch at one time and described it for them. I also told them that a woman had a heart attack and died in that room. The owner was surprised that I was already getting information that quickly. As I entered the kitchen, I saw a white wispy form by the owner's wife. The form wasn't clearly showing itself yet. I was able to tell her that certain spices would disappear from the cupboard and that when she would make dishes with fish in them, the stove or oven would turn off by themselves while she was cooking them. From the kitchen, I went to the basement. I was being drawn down there but not sure by what or whom. While walking around the basement, I met Flying Hawk. He was a ghost of a Mohawk Indian. I asked why he had not crossed over to be with his tribe. Flying Hawk told me that he was gay and shunned by the male members of his tribe and the sqwas felt he would try to get the braves from them. Flying Hawk said that he did not cross over because he did not feel they would accept him on the other side like they did not accept him on this side. Flying Hawk really liked the owner of the house and wanted me to tell him of his being there. Flying Hawk gave me a picture in my mind of the owner doing laundry in the nude and said to tell the owner Flying Hawk showed me that to prove he was in the home. Flying Hawk believed that I did not have that information before he told me and I told him he was right. I told Flying Hawk that I would try to tell the owner, but if he did not want to know I could not tell him. I went up stairs and asked if the owner wanted to know what I saw in the basement. They both said yes, so I told them that I saw a ghost of an Indian and told them his name was Flying Hawk. My friend asked for proof that the Indian was there. I told the owner that Flying Hawk liked when he did the laundry in the nude. The owner blushed and said that I was right. My friend said that I made a lucky guess. Flying Hawk was standing near me and told me where the owner had put several naked pictures of himself. The one being in the cupboard above the refrigerator. My friend was still not convinced. Flying Hawk asked me to see what would convince him. My friend said for Flying Hawk to bring the salt shaker from one end of the counter to the other. Flying Hawk moved the salt shaker and my friend became visibly shaken by what he saw. My friend said that he was going in the other room while I finished doing a reading on the house. I found four other ghosts in the house, but will leave those stories for other times. 

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