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The General Principles of Astrology by Aleister Crowley with Evangeline Adams, edited by Hymenaeus BetaThe General Principles of Astrology
By Aleister Crowley with Evangeline Adams, edited by Hymenaeus Beta
Publisher: Weiser Books (September 2002)
Pages: 596 – Price: $80.00 review

It is good to see this book in print again, complete with its original insightful text and accompanying illustrations. Aleister Crowley originally wrote this book during 1915 – 1916 for Evangeline Adams. A big, practical book of astrology and magick, this is definitely a major astrology book to have in your home library, and one to have your local library order for its astrology readers. For those interested in astrology, its beginnings, and what it can achieve for the individual, this is a book to have on hand for ready reference, and enjoyment.

It is important to recall that Evangeline Adams was America’s most famous author on astrology during her time, and it is now revealed that Aleister Crowley was her personal ghostwriter. Crowley brings to this fine reference work a direct sense of pragmatism, furthering the belief that astrology must be useful to and for every person if it is to have validity and meaning. With the sensitive and accurate editing of Hymenaeus Beta, this book comes alive for the reader in numerous, unexpected, and delightful ways!

This book contains nineteen chapters, five appendices, index and editorial notes. There are over 190 figures and charts for the reader to study and apply. There is a concise section listing abbreviations and symbols. Planets, luminaries, aspects, zodiacal signs, elements, nodes of the moon, among other topics are covered in-depth.

Such charts and figures include “The Psychological Tree of Life,” “The Tree of Life with Aleister Crowley’s Final Astrological Attributions,” “The Planets and the Sexes,” and “The Zodiac and the Parts of the Body.” There is also a large section which details the charts and biographies of noted personalities, with accompanying photograph or drawing of each person. Here is a partial listing of these people: Annie Besant, William Blake, Helena Petrovna Blavatsky, Lord Byron, Lewis Carroll, Aleister Crowley, Charles Dickens, Thomas Alva Edison, Elizabeth I, Nell Gwyn, Jesus Christ, Joan of Arc, Rudyard Kipling, Abraham Lincoln, Cleo de Merode, Edgar Allan Poe, Theodore Roosevelt, Marguerite Steinheil, Robert Louis Stevenson, Queen Victoria, Swami Vivekananda, Richard Wagner, and William Butler Yeats.

This is a fine reference book, possibly one of the finest ever created about astrology, and what astrology can do. It is a book you will enjoy reading for its keen insights and practical approaches.

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