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Witness: Jenn
Location: Seattle Area, Washington
Date of Encounter: January 2006 to the present

I have had many, many experiences with the paranormal throughout my life, but I wouldn't have enough time to describe them all. I am a sensitive who can see and speak with the dead. It seems that everywhere I go, every house I live in, turns out to be haunted. I am currently living in a small house that is very haunted. My husband and I moved in approximately nine months ago with our daughter who was just over a year old at the time. For the first few weeks, the house was relatively quiet. We would hear the occasional footsteps and maybe a thud here and there, but nothing that is truly out of the ordinary for me. Then, one night the floodgates opened up. My daughter had just been moved into her own room after sharing a room with us for the first year of her life. She wasn't too happy about it at first. One evening I put my daughter into her crib, kissed her goodnight, and left to the sound of wailing cries. As I got to the end of the hallway she suddenly stopped crying, sniffled a little, and then I heard her little voice say, "Hi!" Then she started babbling away like someone was in her room with her. I tiptoed back to the room and quietly looked in through the semi opened door. What I saw shocked me. My little girl was standing up in her crib reaching toward the center of the room with a toy in her hand like she was trying to share it. She was also just talking away to someone I couldn't see. I didn't feel that this was anything malevolent and my daughter seemed to be happy, so I left them alone to get acquainted. After a time, my daughter drifted off to sleep and I headed in to get some rest as well. I awoke in the middle of the night to a small girl leaning on the edge of my bed just watching me sleep. I asked her what her name was and she replied Jessica. Then, she was gone. She couldn't have been more than 4 years old and was very slight and tiny. I felt that she was very sad, but very curious and just wanted to let us know she was there. From that night on, I heard my daughter talking to her little friend on almost a nightly basis. This little girl is very sweet and not in the least bit scary. I truly enjoy feeling her presence around us on a daily basis.

Not long after this had happened, I was walking down the hallway and got the distinct feeling of being watched. As I turned around, I caught a glimpse of a woman, and she did not look happy. I got chills up and down my spine just from her presence. She is an angry spirit and I think that she’s more than a little jealous of the little girl. Soon after that I started hearing whispering that was just barely audible. It sounded like chanting of some sort. I could never pin point the exact place that it was coming from. As I would move from room to room in the house, the voice was seemingly coming from everywhere all at once. On several occasions I was touched and pushed while lying in bed. On one occasion I was lying in bed and I heard a woman’s laughter coming from right behind me, next to the bed. It was absolutely not a friendly or happy laugh and I was too terrified to look back. I did throw off the covers and leave the room to go check my daughter in her room to ensure that she was okay. When I came back, there was nothing there. Shortly after that, my husband and I were watching a really bad movie on TV and we both unmistakably heard someone go running down the hall. We jumped up and ran to my daughter’s room because we were afraid that she had somehow managed to get out of her crib. But, she was sound asleep like nothing ever happened. I guess the ghosts didn’t like the video we had on. My sister and her boyfriend came to visit and they were sleeping in the living room on a futon mattress. I had put my daughter to bed and I was in my room. I was getting into bed and I heard a door close. I assumed my sister had gone into the bathroom. Next thing I knew, my sister is knocking on my door and asking me why I had gotten up and shut my daughter’s bedroom door. I never shut that door because it rubs on the door jam and makes noise which wakes my daughter up when I check on her during the night. I told her that I didn’t shut the door and to quit screwing around because it was late. Then, I looked at her boyfriend’s face and I knew immediately that they were not joking. I went and opened up my daughter’s bedroom door and checked on her. She was asleep and perfectly fine. This was the first, but not the last time the doors in the house would open and close on their own. I took a small bookshelf and started using that to block my daughter’s door open when she is in there at night. The next night my husband was off work for the night and we had all gone to bed. My husband and I were awake talking and my sister and her boyfriend were also awake. All of a sudden we all heard a very loud crash coming from the baby’s room. I jumped out of bed and ran into my daughter’s room because I was scared that she had fallen out of her crib and was hurt. My heart was racing, but I found my daughter sound asleep. However, there was a book that had previously been on the top shelf in her closet that was now in the middle of her floor. That was enough to scare me because it proved that these spirits had the ability and the desire to affect the physical world. I was afraid my daughter would get hurt. After my sister left for home, I sat down in my living room and told the spirits in the house that I respected them and that I wanted to live in peace with them. I had the distinct feeling that the woman did not want us in the house at all, but that the little girl really liked us. I told the woman that we would leave the house as soon as we were able, but that we had signed a lease with the landlord and could not immediately leave. I asked her to be patient and that we didn’t mind having her around as long as she was gentle.

We still hear a lot of footsteps and thumps and bumps throughout the house, but those don’t frighten us. And we also still have doors that open and close on their own. All of the frightening phenomena has now stopped. No one has been touched, there has been no scary chanting and no freaky laughter for several months now. I still feel the presence of the lady, but she has quit trying to scare us. The little girl still comes around to play with my daughter and she even interacts with me sometimes now. Just a couple nights ago I felt her take my hand in hers for just a second, and there was a cold air around that hand just before I felt her little hand in mine. She also tucked my daughter’s stuffed frog into bed with me while I slept a couple weeks ago. At least, I think it was her since my daughter was in her crib and cannot get out on her own yet. I don’t mind these spirits that we are currently sharing our home with and I just hope that the scary stuff doesn’t begin again.

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