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Witness: Jaclyn
Location: Near South Indian Lake, Manitoba, Canada
Date of Encounter: July, 2005

I was working as a student environmentalist along with three other youths and our supervisor. We went out to several isolated sites where we did our studies and this was our first trip to do our fieldwork. We went out to a trapline with an elder. He took us to his cabin and by day we did our studies and in the evening we returned to camp. Our first night there me and the other girl camped out in a tent while our boss and the two other boys slept in the cabin. We got flooded that night so the second night we objected to sleeping in the tent and we got to sleep in the cabin.

Throughout the day I had an eerie feeling like I was being watched. While everyone went to sleep, I laid in bed. I was wide-awake, I couldn't sleep, I was up for more than half the night and daylight was starting to break. All throughout the night I heard twigs cracking behind the cabin. I tried to ignore it, thinking it's a trapline and it was probably just animals. I turned to my side and decided to try fall asleep again. I closed my eyes for not even a second when I felt someone behind me laying on the bed in a spooning position. I know it was a man because he began talking to me as he stroked my hair. I couldn't move or talk. I remember trying to move to get a look at this person but I was paralyzed with fear. I could only move my eyes. I saw long hair hanging down on my right arm (his hair). Thinking it was my boss trying to sexually harass me, I managed to squeak out, "You're in my space." It was then that this spirit moved off the air mattress (creating no movement on the mattress at all). He got up and proceeded to pace in the living room area of the cabin cursing at me as he paced back and forth. He kept calling me a "bitch" and saying he was "Gonna kill me." He walked into the kitchen where we had our cutlery laid out on the table. I heard the cutlery move, right away I thought it was the knives. I began to panic inside and wonder why nobody was waking up to help me or why I couldn't help myself. I thought to myself, "Oh my god, I am gonna die like this and I can't even help myself." The cabin door slammed open, then shut. I thought of the boys, my only source of protection, being out in the tent. I thought he would kill them first so no one could help me. I snapped out of my trance state and jumped out of bed. I ran to the kitchen where the door is and it was still locked from the inside. I was in shock. I kept my story to myself for the remainder of the two days, until we left camp.

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