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Witness: Siobhan
Location: Managua, Nicaragua
Date of Encounter: 1990

My encounter involves the youngest of my three older brothers, and me. When I was 10 years old, my mother moved to America in order to get a job, and be able to provide us four kids with a better life. Because we were pretty much on our own, I lived with my brothers in my house. The oldest brother was 18, following with 16, 12 and 10 (me). We were all pretty young, which meant that my two oldest usually went out on the weekends to party and left us two youngest in the house, usually by ourselves, all night long. Although it was not responsible to leave us alone, we were not usually scared, because our neighbors lived literally right next to our house. The way houses are built in our neighborhood, each house shares a wall with the next house, so you can hear whatever happens through the sides.

We were watching TV, waiting for the other two to show up, and it was pretty late, around 2 AM. We were pretty into the movie, when suddenly, we heard this extremely loud and drawn-out moan outside our front door (it sounded like somebody had a really painful stomachache). At first we ignored it, maybe thinking it was a neighbor playing a joke. But we began to feel freaked out (as much as any 10 and 12 year old would feel) because it continued for at least 15 minutes. We finally gathered enough courage to open the door and see what it was (children, do not do this ever)! Of course, there was nobody outside our door, which freaked us out even more, so we closed it. As soon as we did, the moaning and groaning began again. We opened the door again, and this time we went outside on our porch. There was nobody outside, and if it had been somebody, he or she couldn't have been hiding, because there was nowhere to hide. It was pretty dark, and all you could see were the stars above, and the almendro tree moving with the breeze. This time, the moaning did not stop, it was loud and clear. We got inside the house as fast as we could, and began to pray. We prayed for at least an hour, because the movie was over by the time the moaning stopped, and as soon as it stopped, our older brothers showed up.

When we told them what happened, they obviously thought we were out of our minds, and told us not to watch any more scary movies, although the one we were watching was not scary.
That was the first and last time we heard the moan, and although nothing extremely weird happened to me afterwards, with the exception of something kicking a barrel of water I was going to use in the bathroom (yes, I was by myself), there was something definitely not right with our house during the six years we lived there on our own. My second oldest brother kept on seeing a black dog running around the rooms at midnight (his girlfriend also saw it too), and my oldest brother would see a tall lady in white sitting on his bed whenever he would wake up. Afterwards, when our mother returned to the country and we mentioned this stuff, she told us of a couple of seriously creepy things that happened to her, which I might submit later on. I might mention that all of these things happened before my mother became a born-again Christian. I sometimes think that because so many bad things happened to us there, evil things just began to show up. What do you think? 

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